The Wyvern is the chosen name of a dangerous dragon that lives in the Blood Mountains of Duskain. He magically enslaves creatures and beings to be his servants through his irresistible song. With these servants, known as the Wyvern-Held, he has built and fortified a castle to protect himself from the Mra and Dracinfec peoples who live nearby. His enslavement enchantments are unbreakable except by a sacrifice made by a third party, usually the sacrifice of that person's life, but it can also be the sacrifice of something of equal or greater importance. 

Dragon on red

Classic depiction of a wyvern.

The Wyvern is limited in how many people he can enchant at once, which means that once a certain number of Wyvern-Held have been created, he must kill a few before he can enchant more. He does this regularly for sport. The Wyvern originally lived on the Lost Continent with the remnants of the dragons and giants from the first Millennium, but he was cast out in 4105 A.B. for plotting against the continent’s elected leaders and building an army of enslaved creatures to overthrow them.