The Wid are a race of female sea nymphs that live in the Eastern ocean off the shores of Duskain, where they eat seaweed and exist peacefully. They have the power to control fish, who gladly do their bidding. Sailors who anger the Wid risk the dangers of sharks or other creatures swarming to attack their ship. Every year, the Wid meet with the Heids and share a feast of seaweed. This is also when the Wid mate (with the Heids), and the only way they reproduce. Before the Heid came into existence in 3925 A.B., the Wid would kidnap men for this purpose and keep them in special caverns that they’d worked hard to fill with air from the surface. The men would always eventually die as the air went bad. From the beginning the Wid were nomadic, traveling wherever there were humans living near the seashore to find mates, then out into the ocean for food when mating season was over. They were very happy when they discovered the Heid so they could stop killing men and roaming from shore to shore in order to mate. The Wid were created during the Second Creation by Brimsin.