The Trigs are a fairy folk that live in Toadstool Forest, which lies between the Black Needle Forest and the Living Wood. They are deeply magical in the sense that they can weave clever enchantments that twist the nature of reality. They can enchant water to run uphill, liquefy light into a fine wine with magical properties, make walls out of darkness, and even cause mushrooms to walk and talk. They created the race of the Stools to be slaves for them. Trigs are intolerant of beings entering their Forest, and Duskain is filled with the stories of beings the Trigs cursed for their curiosity. A very few Trig items have ever been successfully stolen from them, the most notable story is that of Andora, who stole the Darksome Thorn. Many humans, including the more conniving and less moral of Mra tradesmen, have been known to sell fake Trig items. Naumian traders take great pride in their ability to differentiate real Trig items from fake ones; they are all trained in magical perception precisely for this purpose. A common Trig weapon is the enchanted firefly, whose purpose is perhaps an obvious one. The Darksome Thorn, which Andora stole, is a magical weapon crafted by the Trigs out of hardened void, a piece of Haven, and the tears of Mis.