The Son of Dark is the first installment in the series Tales of the Darksome Thorn, by Jeremy Higley. It was published by Class Act Books, July 14, 2016 (see publisher's website:

Synopsis Edit

[Alert: minor spoilers]

A millennium ago, a group of nine wizards called the Nynsa were blessed by the gods with an immortality that would cease the moment they fulfilled the instructions written on the sword of prophecy, the Darksome Thorn. They failed. Tricked by the evil wizard Azmat, they misused the sword and caused it to disappear. Before it vanished into the belly of the earth to regrow its mystical power, the blade revealed one last instruction: a prophecy about what the sword would need in order to fulfill its purpose when it came back a thousand years later.

Skel, a fourteen-year-old foster child, is the primary subject of that prophecy. Without revealing his true nature to him, the Nynsa have begun to train him in the language of power so that he can someday use the Darksome Thorn to defeat his father Azmat, the evil wizard who tricked them.

Azmat, on the other hand, has his own plans for the boy. He believes the prophecy refers to the coming of a greater evil than his own, a competitor strong enough to rival him, even defeat him. He craftily triggers a series of events that isolate Skel from his Nynsa mentor, from his family, and from all sense of security. More than ever before, Skel feels alone.

Caught between the misinformed guidance of his mentors and the crafty manipulation of his father, Skel struggles just to meet the needs of the moment. To help his brother, an infant captured by a dream-magic cult, he joins forces with a man named Zar, a merchant and former pirate trying to save his dragon-possessed wife. Zar is caught up in his own quest, however, and knows nothing of the prophecy. Skel’s sister, a powerful Phage, is brash and forward, and cares only for saving their brother. Skel quickly becomes caught up in trying to meet everyone else’s needs, wizards, Phages, infants, and dragons alike. Can he play the diplomat without sacrificing his own path, and will he ever truly be free while such a fought-over prophecy is hanging over his head?

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