The Pix are a fairy race; they live in all the forests of northern Duskain, but are based out of the Living Wood. They gain their immortality by mirroring and expanding the beauty of nature around them, which is why the Living Wood is known to be the most beautiful sight in Duskain. The Pix are also capable of slowing down time, allowing a creature or an item to experience years as if they were days. This is the only punishment they ever inflict on a trespassing being, but it is sufficiently effective to turn away all but the most bold of explorers. Their magic clearly serves no purpose in a battle; when they are convinced of the need to fight, which is a rare occurrence, they fight with miniature swords that have been enchanted by Trigs to cause wounds that steadily grow once they have been inflicted, eventually hollowing out the victim’s body entirely. Most humans believe in fairies even as late as the year 5000 A.B., but few have actually seen one.