A scattered group of nine wizards who have survived from the times of the Grims. They were formed as a group in 3900 A.B. shortly after the Grims became a viable threat, just before the beginning of the war that destroyed the Strein. They were once part of an elite force dedicated to destroying the Grims, and they nearly succeeded, but only at great personal cost to themselves. In order to gain immortality, they sought for the gods to bind their lives to those of their enemies, meaning that they would not die so long as one Grim remained on the Earth to be destroyed. Azmat and Mawgraw were both rendered immortal through their dark magics, but are also only wielding their powers in a very limited fashion, no longer actively seeking to dominate the lands of Duskain and Craun. As such, though the Grims are defeated, the Nine live on, each seeking new evils to combat and destroy, and waiting for the Darksome Thorn to reappear so that their work can be finished. They can each be killed, but not by natural forces or causes: only by a being or creature dedicated to evil or chaos. As such, their objective has changed to fighting these creatures, and this gives them a reason to keep living. Their secondary objective is to find a way to end the immortality of Azmat and Mawgraw, but most see this as impossible without the Darksome Thorn.

Each Nynsa has an elemental focus based on his two Words of Power: Bretzel is a mage of wind and gravity, Alk a mage of rocks and earth, Miserin a mage of water and ice, Crycry a mage of fire and color, Elmall a mage of light and shadow, Orihah a mage of dreams and time, Dawto a mage of metal and cloth, Grix a mage of nature and dance, Somna a mage of numbers and music. They very rarely meet together; they travel alone, and aid heroes and cities while in their various disguises.