The Naums

A nomadic race of gnomes, about four feet in height, that buy and sell goods and services to earn their livings. Each member is expected to develop a working knowledge of a vast array of goods as well as learn a variety of marketable skills for the benefit of the Naum community. Specialization is considered to be a selfish impulse. Runaways are spurned. Salesmanship in general, however, is considered to be a gift from the Naumian godesses, Profit, Plenty, and Practicality. Illicit business is punishable by death, as enforced by a council of ten Naums. The defenders of the Naums are Grags, a race who rely heavily on Naumian trade in order to survive in their swamps of origin. The Naums travel in caravans of wagons, some of them pulled by dwarf elephants purchased from the Eltar. Most, however, are pulled by donkeys. Their base of operations is in Phantus; they have no cities of their own.