The Grags are a mercenary race of trolls that live in the swamps of southern Duskain, known as the Grag Swamps. Originally a fairy race known as Petirs, they fell for their treachery in the War of the Chaotics. After this they survived off of dokdoks, a kind of amphibian native to the Grag Swamps, until the dokdoks became essentially extinct in 3800 A.B. The near-extinction was due to the curse of an Il whose child was killed by a psychopathic Grag in the swamps (actually, the dokdoks became invisible, not extinct, but the Grags think the Swamps have become haunted by the dokdoks’ souls). The Naums saved the Grag race by marketing them as mercenaries. They are often paid to guard castles, keeps, temples, and Naum caravans. Their training takes place from the age of five, and they are expected to serve in the military for ten years. They're brawny and quick, and they fight with meteor balls, broadswords, and for short-range combat, very wide, almost leaf-shaped knives with razor sharp edges. These weapons are provided by the Naum, as Grags have no skills in blacksmithery.