The Gloin are a polygamous tribe of glass goblins, where only the head can be male. When the head dies, the next in line turns from female to male. The women are all master glass-workers who fight fiercely with their glass-bladed weapons and enchanted jewelry. The enchantment draws its energy from the deepest part of the cavern where the Gloin live, which is where the seal of Slon helps to keep the Chaotics in their prison. Only fairy folk can draw enchantments from the gods’ power so directly, and so the Gloin can only access it because they are fallen fairy folk. The Gloin and their cavern are located in the exact center of Duskain, deep within the Eltar plains. Before turning to Nogx and falling for their treachery in the War of the Chaotics, the Gloin were a tribe of Trigs. Having only one male in their tribe at one time was a part of their punishment for turning, and they have learned it well; they devote themselves now to the worship of Mis, though they haven’t forgotten Slon either in their devotions. Though not as powerful as the Trigs’ creations, Gloin weapons are much sought after by Naum traders. The Gloin are entrusted with the protection of Slon’s seal as a sort of penance, and the enchantment on their weapons is seen as a sign that their mission is from the gods.