Azmat is one of two remaining members of a race of warlocks known as the Grims. Their memory has long been forgotten, and they are now the bogey-men of many bedtime stories. Azmat purchased immortality in 3,910 A.B. and still lives, nursing his artificial heart made from the crushed skulls of his brothers and sisters, family and friends. History shows that he will grant requests made of him when he's in the right mood, but his solutions are quick and brutal, and they are hardly ever what the asker desired. Azmat lives alone on Irontree Mountain, where he has enchanted a forest of trees into metal automatons that do his bidding with robotic tenacity and force. His castle appears largely unkempt and mostly abandoned from the outside. Azmat likes to wear a white cloak covered in human arm and hand bones, and not just for symbolic purposes. Like all Grims, Azmat’s magic draws its energy from the void in his own soul, which steadily emits energy that can be used for many purposes. His soul is perhaps the most empty of all living beings on Vessel, making him by far the most powerful evil wizard alive.

Powers Edit

Azmat possesses two Words of Power, the first having to do with the way the human body grows flesh. Technically this would allow him to alter the way a living body grows and functions, but this would take nearly inhuman amounts of willpower. More often Azmat uses this word to grow back the decayed flesh of a corpse, creating an animated creature completely under his control. When he lets go of the rapidly grown flesh it dissolves. Interestingly the flesh always grows in the pattern of the deceased person’s original body, though presumably Azmat could alter the pattern if he desired. Because the word does not allow for the creation of bone, Azmat always uses a skeleton or at least part of a skeleton as the base of his creations.