The Ac are six-armed nymphs that live on Kap, an island off the eastern coast of Duskain. Aggressive and dangerous, they fight with poisoned spears and long-handled clubs. They are also very dextrous (understandably) and can climb trees rapidly. “Curse of Ac” is a common expletive for Mra traders and pirates, and refers to the strange six-armed appearance of the Ac, believed to be a curse from the gods. The Ac were created by Brimsin in the Second Creation, when they originally lived underwater and had six fins instead of arms. Shortly after their creation a coconut fell from a tree on the island of Kap and broke open on a rock on the shore, and the leader of the Ac, a nymph named K’kaya, tasted the coconut milk and wished that his people could live where the food was sweet instead of salty. Enraged by his children's disdain for the wonders of the ocean world, Brimsin changed the Ac’s fins to arms and placed them on the island of Kap, where they could eat all the coconuts they could find but never leave.